Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is Swine Flu Real Or Are We Wagging The dog?

I would like to take the time to reflect very briefly on the current influenza H1N1.

While the flu is a very nasty illness (there is no debate about that) I am beginning to wonder what the true purpose of swine flu really is. We know that the normal flu infects hundreds of thousands of people every year and that every year people die from it.

This has happened for longer than we all can remember.

In April the world became aware of this new strain H1N1- and the high death toll in Mexico was of particular concern or made concerning by the way the media reported the phenomenon. What they didn't tell us is that Mexico will always have higher death rates due to illness. This is because many Mexicans do not have access to medical services and will not go to the doctor or seek medical advice because it is outside of their economic capacity. In addition medicine is not available and culturally they will seek a herbal remedy first. Obviously many were taken by surprise by this particular nasty strain of flu. But that said - is the H1N1 strain really any different to other influenza strains. If any of us catch the flu - we will be quite sick - but a quick search of current American swine flu activity suggests that it is following a normal flu path (Check out the CDC website). In addition confirmed cases are being included with possible cases which suggests that most influenza cases are being counted under the H1N1 banner. WHY?

Wag The Dog?
I had a lecturer who used to always stress the case of the argument - he would say "If this is the case the who profits from this logic" I would like to ask the same thing about the swine flu - who is profiting from this logic? Is it the drug companies who are selling anti virals like hot cakes and working to produce vaccines? Or is it something else - I suggest we cast our minds back to April. We had the G20 Summit - that's pretty big deal and some ghastly economic news suggested the worst jobless rate in decades...

....hmmmm its just a thought. Maybe "they" figure that the fear of death (which in reality is not likely according to the CDC) is more healthy than the fear of poverty (which is more likely according to current unemployment levels).

You do the math...(I feel like someones pulling my leg)